June 23, 2024

Battling and Beating the Demons of Dental Assisting

How Every Dental Assistant Can Have an Amazing, Fulfilling Career

Every dental assistant faces challenges every day in his or her job. After coaching dental assistants around the country for more than a decade, Kevin Henry has compiled some of the biggest challenges he has heard and witnessed, as well as some ways to conquer them, in Battling and Beating the Demons of Dental Assisting. Whether you’re a dental assisting student, new assistant, or assistant who has been in the industry for years, this book can help you not only overcome your daily struggles but open your eyes to new career possibilities. If you are serious about your career—and enjoy a spot of humor along the way—then this book is for you.



“This amazing book should be required reading for all dental assistants and for all dental professionals! Kevin Henry is a true champion for dental assistants and his passion for inspiring and li ing dental assistants is legendary.”
-Gary Takacs, Founder of the Thriving Dentist Show Podcast

“No longer will assistants (clinical or administrative) feel that they are on the lower step of their practice’s success ladder. Thanks to this book, dental assistants will be the proud members of the dental profession they deserve to be.”
-Linda Miles, CSP, CPC, Legendary Dental Consultant

“If you have ever believed, even for an instant, that you are just an assistant, believe this: Kevin is a man you need to know and Battling and Beating the Demons of Dental Assisting is a book you need to read.”
-Dr. David Rice, founder, IgniteDDS

“This book serves as a powerful tool to educate and empower dental assistants to have an amazing career.”
-Tija Hunter, CDA, EFDA, CDIA, MADAA, ‘America’s Dental Assistant’

“Kevin knows well the issues faced by dental assistants. For years, he’s been speaking to and for them across the country. His words of encouragement and practical advice make this the perfect Chicken Soup-type book for the DA. Every dental assistant should have a copy of this book!”

“This book is an excellent read for all Dentists and Team Members. Kevin has devoted his career to inspiring dental assistants to reach their full potential and this book is a wonderful culmination of Kevin’s experiences and wisdom. This book is an excellent selection for your office ‘book club’ and will help you develop a positive team culture. Well done, Kevin!”



Kevin Henry speaks to dental audiences across the nation on topics that empower dental assistants, helping them recognize the leadership role they hold in the practice. He is the co-founder of IgniteDA.net, a community designed to enlighten, empower, and engage dental assistants to help them reach their full potential and flourish in their careers.