June 23, 2024

I Want to Be Booked by You!

Kevin HenryWhen I first came to the dental industry in 1999, I had to start with the basics, including what everyone did in the practice. I quickly learned that a lot of people were talking to the dentist and the hygienist, but very few were devoting any resources to addressing the needs of the dental assistant.

It didn’t take long for me to become one of dental assisting’s “biggest cheerleaders,” writing about how these vital team members play a key role in the practice’s success. Seeing the need, I founded a monthly newsletter devoted especially to them and the battles they face and overcome on a daily basis.

These amazing men and women yearn for respect and someone to understand the struggles they take on every day. Over the past decade-plus, that’s been my passion. I’ve lectured around the country to rooms packed with dental assistants and I’ve seen the fire re-lit behind their eyes. There’s no better feeling than walking out of a meeting knowing that you’ve made a difference in someone’s life. I’ve had that feeling … and I want to help more people around the country love dentistry again.

When every member of the dental team feels empowered and invested in his or her job, that practice becomes a place where patients want to be and people want to work. Morale improves. The finances of the practice improve. It’s a wonderful thing … and it can happen when everyone believes in his or her own power to make a difference.

I want to empower people and help them remember why they got into dentistry in the first place. I want people to look forward to working rather than dread it. I want people to be assets in our industry rather than leave it. I want do this at your next meeting … and I can’t wait to be there.



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