September 27, 2023

Helping your company engage more deeply with your customers

Are you clear how your customer has
changed and/or how you can reach them?

Kevin Henry consultingCovering the industry for the past 17 years, Kevin Henry guided two of the industry’s most prominent magazines through the transformation from being strictly print to an ever-changing digital landscape. It’s been a time of evolution unlike anything we’ve ever seen. During this time, Kevin has seen how the dental industry has changed and evolved.

Kevin has a unique perspective from “behind the scenes” on what dentists, hygienists, assistants, and office managers are looking for and what they need to succeed on a daily basis. Their patients are changing and are more informed than ever. This is causing the practice to change as well.

Having watched our industry’s change as a truly neutral observer, Kevin can help your company engage with its customers in a deeper way than ever before. He would love to work with you and help you further understand what your customers want and need in today’s digital era.


consultant Kevin Henry