October 21, 2021

Dental assistants: Do you really know what you legally can and can’t do in the practice?

One simple step can save dental assistants potential legal problems down the road.

right wrong dental assistants

As I lecture around the country to dental assistants, there’s one thing that I notice time and time again. Many dental assistants don’t know the exact clinical procedures that they can and can’t do in the practice … and that’s a very important part of your job that every dental assistant should know beyond the shadow of a doubt.

I realize that many of you who are reading this may be “on-the-job-trained” dental assistants and learned much of what you do every day from your dentist or another dental assistant in the practice who may have worked there for a few years. There’s nothing wrong with learning from others in the practice … as long as what you’re being taught is actually accurate and legal.

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