December 3, 2021

4 ways dental assistants can increase their value in the practice

For dental assistants, respect is one of the battles they fight on a daily basis. I’ve heard many dental assistants tell me that they always feel like “the lowest rung on the ladder in the practice” and “the most underappreciated member of the team.” Honestly, I can’t argue with them when I hear that — but I also am quick to ask them what they have done in their practices to earn that much-desired respect?

I am a firm believer that respect isn’t something that is handed to you. It’s definitely something that is earned through hard work. So how can you earn respect in the practice and add value to what you do on a daily basis as a dental assistant? Here are four ideas:

1. Know what you do every day.

Take a moment sometime before the end of the week to think about everything you do in the practice — and I mean everything. What do you do to help the practice that everyone else might take for granted or overlook? There is no one (and I mean, no one) who knows all of the things that you do in the practice to help make it successful. When I lecture to dental assistants around the country, I’m surprised to find out how many of them actually don’t think about all of the amazing things they do every day to make the practice churn.

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