June 23, 2024

Discovering the Easter Eggs Inside Your Dental Assisting Career

Easter eggs

Easter is coming up this weekend. I know not all of you will celebrate the holiday but it was a big day in our house when my daughter was growing up.

Sure, Christmas was great and her birthday was fun, but my daughter loved nothing more than hunting Easter eggs when she was little. To her, the joys of discovering a hidden treasure of coins or chocolate in the grass or behind a plant was one of the greatest things ever. The look on her face when she found an egg and opened it was priceless.

For me as a dad, I loved hiding the eggs. Of course, as she got older, trying to outsmart her and hide them where she couldn’t find them so easily got more and more difficult. It also became increasingly difficult for me to remember where I hid them all. Sometimes, yes, I outsmarted myself.

As Easter approaches this weekend, I think back to those days with fond memories. She’s 19 now and the days of hiding eggs seems like a lifetime ago.

However, I started thinking about all of the hidden joys that we discover from time to time in our lives that can make us as giddy as my daughter was when she found an Easter egg.

So often, in our day-to-day activities, we get caught in a rut. Yesterday seems like the day before … which seemed like the day before. We don’t take the time to try to find the little things that can change up our routines. We don’t see the value in digging a little deeper to find that reward. If it’s not right in front of us, sometimes we miss the greatest rewards.

You may not hunt for eggs this weekend, but how would it change your day or career if you started looking for the little moments of joy every day in your practice? Maybe it’s a patient you love to see or a patient who is getting ready to have his or her smile changed forever. Maybe it’s an opportunity to pitch an idea on how your practice can be doing things better. Maybe it’s actually implementing the idea and seeing it become a reality.

Whatever it is, look around this week to find the hidden joys of your career. They may not always be easy to find … but that makes the discovery even more sweeter.

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