December 4, 2021

A product that can replace a dental assistant? Sorry, but no such thing exists.

Kevin Henry tackles the claim of a mystery inventor that made him shake his head in the Windy City

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It was one of those moments that made you stop in your tracks and replay what was just said in your head. It was one of those, “Surely he didn’t just say that” moments. As I sat there for a few seconds, though, I realized he had said it and I had to find out more about why he would say such a thing.

You usually don’t hear the latest dental industry gossip from an Uber driver, but that’s exactly what happened to me during my late February trip to the Chicago Midwinter Meeting.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning and the Uber driver picked me up in his Toyota Camry and we started the usual small talk, including asking where I was from and what I was doing in the Windy City. When I told him I was in town for the Chicago Midwinter Meeting, he told me he had just dropped off someone attending the meeting. This is where the conversation got very interesting.

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